will change

Alphateca / DATE: 11/12/18

We have great news for all our users and for everyone who just want to join us. will change. Of course, for the better.
Now we will not tell you about all the changes, but we can say that they will all be in order to make your reliable assistant in solving any problems.
From the casual to the most unusual. So, we will make more safer, more profitable and more convenient to use for our users.
And in order to make as cool as possible, your opinion is important to us. You can send all your wishes and recommendations to our ...

Check out the Chinese Version

Alphateca / DATE: 10/11/18


你好! Good news – Alphateca keeps developing  on the global stage and makes the platform even more convenient. You no longer need to use external translators, as the Chinese version is already on the site.

5 languages;

410k daily visitors globally;

fast and secure transactions;

user-friendly interface;

special promotion&ad tools.

How to Fail ICO pt.5 Marketing that must not be named

Alphateca / DATE: 09/27/18

During the recent ICO boom, a huge number of agencies, advertising consultants and other wide-profile specialists have appeared on the market. They are ready to offer any marketing activities: starting from a "turn-key" ICO to social networks management.

Mistake №8- do not expect third parties will do all the marketing work for you and show the right way to develop the project. It would help if you always understood that given the short – term of ICO, the primary goal of such outsourcing companies is to make a profit here and now. No one will use different methods, pilots, individual ...

[In]efficiency of ICO Advisory

Alphateca / DATE: 09/18/18


Practically any ICO you might look upon has at least a couple of advisors included in the list of team members. Advisors are aimed to affirm the integrity of the project and add more value to it. They all have available ratings, and any team can observe and make their choice. 

How advisors actually work

At first, we opted for a standard approach, so we looked through several advisory services ratings and chose two candidates who promised to have the work done for an affordable price.

The first advisor was to provide the project with PR support. Some of the contract issues: social ...

How to Fail ICO pt.3

Alphateca / DATE: 09/12/18

Part 3. Meddling with legality

*previous part you can read here*

Since we wanted to run our business properly, the first thing we had to deal with was the legal system. We started looking for a country where the government treated crypto alike with other currencies. Many countries have proved to be more reasonable by imposing their regulation standards. Simply put, some politicians had spotted the circulation of money they could have gladly taxed; some banks went all excited, as they had spotted people making transactions and therefore they had been losing a part of their income, but… ...