Alphateca.com x Crypto

Alphateca / DATE: 11/23/18


Last week we wrote that soon Alphateca.com will be more safer, more profitable and more convenient for our users.

One of the ways to get this is cryptocurrency. Everyone who knows about cryptocurrency knows about their benefits. For those who don't know, we will tell. Cryptocurrencies are:

  • Fast transactions. The speed of all transactions using cryptocurrency, as a rule, is higher than the speed of traditional banking transactions. As everyone knows, time is money.
  • Profitability. The size of fees for cryptocurrency operations is several times lower than bank fees.
  • Internationality. Cryptocurrencies are international. So, you are not limited in the choice of the seller or buyer to the borders of your country. It should also be noted that you will not lose money on the difference in exchange rates.
  • Transparency. You can always track the movement of cryptocurrency, which minimizes all financial risks.

These are just a few of the benefits of cryptocurrency. We will tell about others later.

- - - - -

На прошлой неделе мы написали о том, что скоро Alphateca.com станет безопаснее, выгоднее и удобнее для наших пользователей.

Один из способов, который позволяет сделать это - криптовалюта. Все, кто хорошо знаком с криптовалютами, знает об их преимуществах. Для тех, кто не знает - рассказываем. Криптовалюта это: 

  • Быстрые транзакции. Скорость всех операций с помощью криптовалют, как правило, выше, чем скорость традиционных банковских транзакций. Как всем известно, время - это деньги.
  • Экономичность. Размер комиссий за криптовалютные операции в разы ниже банковских комиссий.
  • Безграничность. Криптовалюты не имеют границ. А значит, Вы не ограничены в выборе продавца или покупателя границами Вашей страны. Также стоит отметить и то, что Вы не будете терять деньги на разнице в курсах валют. 
  • Прозрачность. Вы всегда сможете отследить движение криптовалюты, что сводит к минимуму все финансовые риски. 

Это только несколько из преимуществ криптовалюты. О других мы ещё расскажем позже.





Alphateca.com Will Change

Alphateca / DATE: 11/12/18

We have great news for all our users and for everyone who just want to join us.
Alphateca.com will change. Of course, for the better.
Now we will not tell you about all the changes, but we can say that they will all be in order to make Alphateca.com your reliable assistant in solving any problems.
From the casual to the most unusual. So, we will make Alphateca.com more safer, more profitable and more convenient to use for our users.
And in order to make Alphateca.com as cool as possible, your opinion is important to us. You can send all your wishes and recommendations to our support-managers.
Thank you.

У нас есть отличная новость для всех наших пользователей и для тех, кто только хочет им стать. Скоро Alphateca.com поменяется. Конечно, в лучшую сторону. Сейчас мы не будем рассказывать обо всех изменениях, но можем сказать, что все они направлены на то, чтобы сделать Alphateca.com Вашим надёжным помошником в решении любых задач. От повседненных, до самых необычных. А значит, мы сделаем Alphateca.com ещё безопаснее, выгоднее и удобнее в использовании для наших пользователей.
А для того, чтобы сделать Alphateca.com настолько крутой, насколько это возможно, нам важно Ваше мнение. Все Ваши пожелания и рекомендации Вы можете присылать нашим support-менеджерам.



Check out the Chinese Version

Alphateca / DATE: 10/11/18

你好! Good news – Alphateca keeps developing  on the global stage and makes the platform even more convenient. You no longer need to use external translators, as the Chinese version is already on the site.

5 languages;

410k daily visitors globally;

fast and secure transactions;

user-friendly interface;

special promotion&ad tools.


How to Fail ICO pt.5 Marketing that must not be named

Alphateca / DATE: 09/27/18

During the recent ICO boom, a huge number of agencies, advertising consultants and other wide-profile specialists have appeared on the market. They are ready to offer any marketing activities: starting from a "turn-key" ICO to social networks management.

Mistake №8- do not expect third parties will do all the marketing work for you and show the right way to develop the project. It would help if you always understood that given the short – term of ICO, the primary goal of such outsourcing companies is to make a profit here and now. No one will use different methods, pilots, individual approach. For example, there is a package of services "promotion Korea," which includes Korean resources Cafe, Kakaotalk, several telegram channels, and influencers. Nobody is going to find out how your target audience matches the audience of the proposed sites, how the product is attractive to influencer's subscribers and how many direct competitors have already ordered the same promotion.  The East is a delicate matter, but this is hardly the main reason, as such promotion packages at fixed prices are distributed to other countries.

During the ICO period, we tried different marketing schemes and tactics, which I will describe in several chapters. In this text, I will share  Alphateca experience in the following marketing activities: listings, banner, and contextual advertising.


  1. Listings on ICO trackers

 It is difficult to imagine an ICO that is not represented on the trackers.  Specialists in blockchain advertising will offer a long list of ICO calendars, which will contain information about your crowdsale: a brief description, dates, hardcap, softcap, WP and landing link. You can add an upcoming ICO on your own, eliminating the unnecessary chain of brokers. Trackers are both free and paid, where the cost of placement depends on the rating, promotion of the site and the impudence of its owners. The principle of work can be compared with search engines: for example, there is Google and many small search engines. If your site is shown in 50 small, but it is not in the leading search engine, then you are not attractive to anyone.

There are only a few top trackers where you can get traffic and recognition of the project.  According to the advisors and crypto-enthusiasts with whom we had a chance to communicate, ICO bench and ICO drops have the most significant influence, although you can find an expanded top list on the Internet.  To stay there, you must either make a contribution (ICO bench - from 0.1 BTC) or go through the moderation of the site and wait. In the future, the company can pass the KYC procedure and increase the rating of the project. After a long correspondence with the moderator, our free experience with ICO bench can be considered unsuccessful.


It is strictly necessary to have at least one top listing. Besides, some small listings will add you automatically.


  1. Placing banners on different platforms

Graphic banners-  an established scheme to attract customers, as it is always easier to attract clients using visual aids. There are both automatic teaser networks and a set of private sites where one can make an agreement about placement.

Keep in mind that if you use even 100-500 banner places without a clear framework of the target audience, there will be a zero result. A possible traffic spike will be caused either by an artificial generation or by a non-target audience.

Our experience has shown that the conversion is achieved not by quantity but quality. Let it be 1-2 placements on sites with your target audience than a large number of banners on highly visited sites, but with a non-related audience.  Should only 100 users click the banner, 50 of them will become your customers, and the conversion will still be higher than two clients out of 10,000 clicks.

Mistake № 9 when choosing sites for the banner ad, have a look at not only dry statistics about visits, search queries, but also conduct an in-depth analysis: the target audience, references, repost  and citation rate. 

In our case, a good spin-off gave the site mmgp, ccn, which are among the top resources.


  1. Contextual advertising

As everyone knows, direct is a format that allows you to bring leads to your site quickly. As usual, in practice, there are many nuances.

Firstly,  determine a minimum token purchase and the target conversion. For example, if the minimum purchase amount is $ 100 and the conversion rate is 3%, the maximum cost per click on contextual advertising will be $ 3. If the  minimum token purchase is higher, the advertising actions are unprofitable.

Contextual advertising can be helpful at the stage of a presale when even one donator can compensate the cost of the entire advertising campaign. With an open sale and a small average check, you risk losing money faster than receiving it.

If you still decided to spend it, feel free to prepare at least $2K. We did not use contextual advertising because of the high cost.


When choosing a method of promotion do not forget that each project is unique, and no basic "package" will be able to get into your target audience and bring QUALITY traffic. No one knows your project better than you.

Next time we will consider telegrams, airdrop, hypes, mailings and lead generation.


HOW TO FAIL ICO PT.4 [In]efficiency of ICO Advisory

Alphateca / DATE: 09/18/18


Practically any ICO you might look upon has at least a couple of advisors included in the list of team members. Advisors are aimed to affirm the integrity of the project and add more value to it. They all have available ratings, and any team can observe and make their choice. 

How advisors actually work

At first, we opted for a standard approach, so we looked through several advisory services ratings and chose two candidates who promised to have the work done for an affordable price.

The first advisor was to provide the project with PR support. Some of the contract issues: social media, full content creation, PPC campaign, PR Publication and Distribution, top-tier site listings. 

What was really done:


  • Content: he shared a couple of our publications on his Linkedin profile;


  • PR Publication and Distribution: he sent us a couple of media services with the prices. When we checked the prices on the website, it was 200%


  • Listings: the advisor said he listed us on 15 sites, but we have never found Alphateca there.


The second advisor was intended to help us with an audit of legal and technical parts.

What was really done:

  • The advisor performed an audit of the White Paper, gave us helpful advice for modifying it.


  • Tried to convince us that we could not manage to run an ICO and had to request assistance from his company at the cost of $250 000.


One should clarify what the team needs from advisors: the sphere and the level of the involvement. Generally, advisors can be useful for legal, technical or PR representation. Concerning the extent of activity, there are three types of advisors:


  1. Those who have the top rating, big audience in social networks and recognition in crypto circles. The advisors charge big money and may attract some attention to your project via mention it in social media, showcases or expo.


  1. Advisors who charge less money, but have fewer followers and crypto community interaction.


  1. Advisors who fully assist the project and become a full member of it. We have not found them yet.


Mistake 7. Do not rely on the rankings only. Receive reliable information about the involvement of the advisor in the claimed ICOs and his expertise.


After the first experience, we changed our strategy and started searching for founders and top managers from the ICOs, which proved to be successful. It was clear that those people had come all the way and could contribute to the development of our project.

Some founders appeared surprisingly benevolent and supportive. They gave us some free advice, showed interest in the project, and the cost of their services was much lower than we would have to pay to the advisors.