How to Fail ICO pt.3

Alphateca / DATE: 09/12/18

Part 3. Meddling with legality

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Since we wanted to run our business properly, the first thing we had to deal with was the legal system. We started looking for a country where the government treated crypto alike with other currencies. Many countries have proved to be more reasonable by imposing their regulation standards. Simply put, some politicians had spotted the circulation of money they could have gladly taxed; some banks went all excited, as they had spotted people making transactions and therefore they had been losing a part of their income, but… ...

How to Fail ICO pt.2

Alphateca / DATE: 09/06/18

Part 2. How we have been preparing for the ICO.

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Gathering our thoughts, we started preparing for the ICO and the first step, of course, was to sum up the information. We had to analyze which ICOs appeared to be successful and which did not, as well as observe the fund-raising all in all. We looked through accessible databases to list our ICO, created a spreadsheet and embarked on the further investigation. By that moment, the situation was as follows:


- Mainly the ICOs which did not have an actual and valuable concept had failed;

- Those who ...


Alphateca / DATE: 09/04/18

Alphateca ICO legacy


Part I

 Roots. The First Mistake.

We failed our ICO. It could be the end of the story, but in this case scenario you would never know how it all began, turned out and the things you should NOT do. Minor accords are twinkling above Alphateca ICO; nevertheless, it was a huge experience, and we want to share our story with new crowdsale participants.

It had begun long ago. A lot of happy thoughts were jumping in my head thinking how cool it would be to implement any platform with a convenient, safe and simple way of trading. Certainly, there's eBay and Amazon, ...

7 Spheres of Blockchain

Alphateca / DATE: 08/31/18


Blockchain technology has been penetrating in various spheres of our life:

1) Education

Blockchain technology is relevant in all stages of education: schools, colleagues, universities, apprenticeships, MOOCs, CPDs. It can be used as a shared resource to store and deliver certificates including distant education, affiliated organizations.
As soon as paper prone to be fraud, a decentralized database of credentials and documents is essential. Some universities, such as Princeton University on Coursera, have implemented MOOCs based on blockchain technology.

2) Banking

Using blockchain ...


Alphateca / DATE: 08/29/18

According to the data published by Google Trends, current businesspeople and owners of large enterprises in Europe, Russia and Belarus are increasingly introducing payment with bitcoin.  Cryptocurrency as a means of payment is becoming a trend in e-commerce that leads to an increase in income. The number of cryptocurrency  ATMs expands exponentially.



TREND 2018

In 2018, cryptocurrency payments will become a real economic trend in the modern world. Cryptocurrency payments will help to surpass opponents in the business sector, ...