Become our ICO Participant

Alphateca / DATE: 08/26/18

Hey, everyone!

Just a quick reminber that only 2 days left before the ICO

Alphateca ICO dates: July 1- August 1

Become our ICO participant and get maximum  benefits:

- an ICO participant can use tokens to buy Alphateca services at minimal costs;

- an ICO participant can resell tokens at any moment to other users on Alphateca platform;

- an ICO participant can use tokens to start their own business in the framework of the platform; for example, purchase advertisement spots at minimal price in the tokens and sell it for higher price in cryptocurrency.

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Ways to Convert Crypto into Fiat

Alphateca / DATE: 08/24/18

One more coastal coworking space

Alphateca / DATE: 08/22/18

When the first ICO of the young and prospective project is in full swing, it's catch-as-catch-can. Earlier Ilya revealed lures for investors in his Amsterdam Expo memories, and our team decided to wrap up the working week in a non-standard environment to activate the new potential.

One day our community manager came across a video channel with top co-working places in Bali, where people discuss the strategic planning of the company sitting behind a wooden chaise longue under the sound of the surf, which is revived by the constant brainstorming during the day. Splendid photos, happy teams, ...

Crypto Tokens in Indian Public Sector

Alphateca / DATE: 08/15/18


Indian government is going to launch internal blockchain-based crypto tokens in the country in spite of having a banking ban on decentralized cryptocurrencies. 
An organized committee started investigating the token usability in public sector as it is intends to start from the transport where metro cards can be replaced by crypto tokens. 

"The committee is examining if crypto tokens can be used to replace smart cards such as metro cards in the public sector to start with. Similarly, in the private sector, it can be used in loyalty programmes such as air miles where its use ...

Top 10 the most bizarre search requests (Part 1)

Alphateca / DATE: 08/13/18

Last time we told you about the goods and services that have not passed the Alphateca moderation. Today we are going to disclose goods and services, the demand for which outruns the supply. Well, here we go with the Top 10 deviate requests


1. Polaroid photos of celebrities' belly-buttons

What is the difference between belly-buttons of Selena Gomez  Bella Hadid? Our administrators used to have no idea, but as soon as they found this request, the question does not go out of their minds. To be honest, they have already chewed our ears off. So, if anyone has pictures of the navels, ...