Friday Night Out!

Alphateca / DATE: 08/03/18

Bull Alphy - who is he? Where did he come from? And why? Perhaps, you will find the answers in this video. Yet, you might not.

How to attract investors with cookies

Alphateca / DATE: 08/02/18

Amsterdam trip


A bit of our team made a wonderful journey to the magical country of the Netherlands to participate in the world Blockchain Expo. Later  I received a lot of questions about how does it feel to participate in such a huge event, so I decided to present my memories below.


Preparing for the storm

Preparation in advance, check-lists, and other useful things are not our cups of tea. Of course, it's not about being bad-organized, but about being creative minds who are getting inspiration on the fly and yet sometimes at the last moment. Our biggest challenge ...

How the logo and visual identity were created

Alphateca / DATE: 08/01/18

We continue getting  acquainted with the Alphateca team and today we present our font manager and calligraphy artist  Vladimir Anosov, who not only created a unique corporate style of the company, but also managed to cheer up each participant of the Amsterdam Expo 2018.

The main task of each calligrapher is to create an individual style that will either preserve the traditional methods of the classical school of fonts, or open up new stages for a personalized representation of creativity. When choosing your own professional vector, what was the main inspiration?

- It was me, the ...

Bank of England is heading for blockchain

Alphateca / DATE: 08/01/18

On June 21 the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney announced that the updated payment system will be launched in 2020, so that it can interface with private business and platforms using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The nature of commerce is changing. Sales are increasingly taking place on-line and over platforms, rather than on the high street. Intangible capital is now more important than physical capital.8 Data is the new oil.

Such a step will help to develop the blockchain industry in the United Kingdom.

The real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) will be ...

Kim Kardashian is on crypto side!

Alphateca / DATE: 07/31/18

Co-founder of Blog and other cryptocurrency projects Matthew Roshak gave the reality television star Kim Kardashian physical Bitcoin (BTC) at the first annual charity tournament n LA.



Shortly after, Kardashian posted two photos of the donated bitcoin, on Instagram :"We moved ...