ETH founder Vitalik Buterin says there is too much focus on the crypto now

Alphateca / DATE: 07/31/18

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin believes that cryptocurrency adaptation  does not require new trading tools, but the widespread use of it for daily purchases.

On his Twitter account  Buterin wrote that there is too much focus on the crypto now  - ETF, not the fact that people can make everyday purchases with cryptocurrency in the corner  shop. In his opinion, the first scenario is better for raising the rate, but the second one is much more effective for real adaptation.

Top 10 items that did not pass Alphateca moderation

Alphateca / DATE: 07/30/18

Alphateca - a trading platform where you can find everything. Or almost everything, as yet some goods do not pass the moderation.  We made a list of the most unusual ones.

1) Quidditch trainings membership

Harry Potter fans really gather together to play Quiditch (the first  Quidditch World Cup was held in July 2012). As you can understand, it has almost nothing with the original wizarding game described in J.K. Rowling book. Fans imagine flying on broomsticks scoring Quaffle, weaving in and out of Bludger and catching Golden Snitch.

Nevertheless, Alphateca administration rejected ...

Venezuela will anchor the national currency to the cryptocurrency

Alphateca / DATE: 07/27/18

                                                                          "The monetary reconversion will start on August  20"

According to Reuters, the president of Venezuela  Nicolás Maduro has announced that the national currency bolívar will be anchored to the oil-backed Petro (PTR)  cryptocurrency. Also, during a televised podcast Mr. Madure declared: "The monetary ...

Alphateca started negotiations with Bank of America

Alphateca / DATE: 07/26/18

Ilya Stenkov - the founder of Alphateca - a trading platform where you can sell and buy any goods or services with cryptocurrency - started negotiations on cooperation with the President of Bank of America Brian Moynihan.

At the end of last week it became known that the Bank of America filed a patent application for the development of a data validation system based on blockchain technology. The system records  information about previously performed financial transactions of the client bank to allow external data confirma.

Noticeable enough that according to media reports, Bank of ...

The world’s first blockchain-based airline digital wallet has been launched

Alphateca / DATE: 07/25/18

Singapore airlines has officially announced the launch of the KrisPay - digital blockchain wallet, which allows to transfer KrisFlyer miles into KrisPay miles to partially or fully pay for them at 18 merchants including different goods services: petrol, food and beverage , retail, beauty services.

“We are excited to be introducing KrisPay, a novel way for our KrisFlyer members to digitally access their miles at their fingertips, at any time. By creating a miles-based digital wallet which integrates the use of miles into their daily lives, KrisFlyer members have yet another way to use ...