You do not receive your wages  in crypto yet? We know for sure you wouldn't mind. This is evidenced by the results of a new Google survey  commissioned by the British technology company Sage.


Cryptocurrency Salary -
A Sage

The survey was conducted online, which means people took part globally. 31% of respondents are ready to receive part of their salary in one of the popular cryptocurrencies. 37%  would be happy to receive 1-20% in crypto, and the rest in fiat.

How big crypto part is

Surprisingly,  the majority of people wants to have the biggest part or even an entire amount in  digital assets. 11% of respondents  expect  to receive  a share of 61- 80 % of  salary in Bitcoin or something similar.

Darren Francis, who was in charge for the survey commented:

It’s interesting that more people were leaning towards the ‘all-in’ option; having their sole or dominant income paid to them in cryptocurrency

Women and cryptocurrencies

The survey also revealed  that women are not as enthusiastic about crypto as men - only  25% . Either men are better versed in technological trends, or women are more on the alert of finances. Only 25 percent of women are open to the idea of getting paid in cryptocurrency. 75% of men have the same views.

Age  and cryptocurrencies

They are a few of  age differences; people from 25 to 44 years are the most positive-minded (33%). The older generation is afraid of innovations or may simply not know about them. Interesting enough, "65+ age group were more likely to answer ‘yes’ than those in the age group below, 55 - 64 years old".