When the first ICO of the young and prospective project is in full swing, it's catch-as-catch-can. Earlier Ilya revealed lures for investors in his Amsterdam Expo memories, and our team decided to wrap up the working week in a non-standard environment to activate the new potential.

One day our community manager came across a video channel with top co-working places in Bali, where people discuss the strategic planning of the company sitting behind a wooden chaise longue under the sound of the surf, which is revived by the constant brainstorming during the day. Splendid photos, happy teams, success stories and complete harmony - it's more than just the location, and we could not help but try it. So, the beloved Gulf of Finland, yellow sand, and the most beautiful sky became Friday office for Alphateca.



59°53'00" N, 26°06'00" W
The Gulf of Finland coast


We do not know for sure whether the team building had been planned and whether it was, but why should one miss the summer days because of the project? Actually, the project is cutting-edge enough to be taken with us. J




Even scientists say that fresh air saturates brain with oxygen, activating the work of cells. During the 10 hours we spent together, we managed to hold two briefings, a large-scale brainstorm, discussed the upcoming introduction of new services on the platform, and found out that the ball game is not our forte, even though every Saturday the Alphateca team plays basketball. Thus, in the nearest future, the site will be implemented with the service "Private sale", with the help of which your wife will never know that you have sold the family furniture to buy her an anniversary gift. Hope it would not turn out like in the stories of O. Henry*, for the rest of the details follow our networks.

* O. Henry - American writer, known as a master of short prose with an unexpected outcome and subtle humor. In one of his stories "The Gifts of the Magi," the wife Della sold her hair to buy her husband a watch chain for Christmas, and Jim pawned the clock to buy her a comb.

We had a lot of interactive, and will you manage? Come on, match the feedback with the occupation:


1. Marketer                             
2. Designer
3. Founder
4. Media Manager
5. Developer

a. The sun, the bay, fresh air, laughter - everything that would distract from the work, contributed to its productivity.
b. It was just grand and fun. Unexpected and pleasant moments.
c. Someone is excellent at planning events, someone is responsible for cooking outdoors, and someone knows a lot of good stories.
d. Fresh ideas in an informal setting in a more relaxed way.
e. We managed to discuss a lot of things, and taxi service delay gave me an opportunity to stay in the privacy of my the bloody moon at night. The phone was dead, and I was able to enjoy strolling on a warm evening in the woods, hoping to find the way to get to civilization.

And finally...