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Sign up or log in to your account using e-mail address and password.

Your profile contains your  personal and contact information. will not disclose your personal information to third parties.

There are 2 types of Alphateca accounts: Personal and Business. Business accounts can add their reference details and switch to an entity.

How do I sign up for an Alphateca account?

Click "Sign up" and fill in the form.

Then click "Register" to complete registration.

Once you have a confirmed Alphateca account, you'll be able to:

• Place your items on

• Manage your items on the Profile Page.

• Open your shop on

How do I sign up with facebook, VK, gmail ?

You can sign up using social network accounts:

1. Click “Sign up” and choose an icon of Facebook, VK, Google, etc.;

2. Enter your username and password. You will be redirected to your Profile Page.

Please, note: to confirm your registration an email will be sent. Once you finished the registration, your accounts become associated and you will be able to sign in to Alphateca via social network accounts any time.

I received the confirmation email, but the link is invalid

Try to sign in to your account as  you might have already confirmed your registration. In case you see the message that says your registration is not confirmed, click on your account settings and request for another confirmation code.

I have confirmed the registration, but the message says that it's not confirmed

Refresh the page using the combination of Ctrl + F5. If the problem persists, click "Log out" and try to log in to your account using another browser.


- You can pay for different Alphateca services with ATEC tokens (you need to transfer your tokens on the Alphateca platform in your Personal account). The procedure of token transfer is irreversible.

You can transfer some ATEC tokens to other users either free of charge or for a price that you agree with the recipient in APEC tokens. You can not pay for goods and services of other users and pay for services on other platforms with APEC token.

You can purchase goods in the official Alphateca store.