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How to transfer the Cryptocurrency into regular money?

There are several ways to exchange cryptocurrency for traditional money. We suggest you using the most advanced and secure ways: trading platforms and exchanges. Let us have a quick look at them:

Cryptocurrency trading platforms:

Cryptocurrency exchanges:

You can use the website that collects data from the most popular exchanges:


Where and how can one storetheir cryptocurrency?

If you want to get involved with a cryptocurrency, the first thing you need to have is a crypto wallet tostore and use the money.

Cryptocurrency wallet – is a pair of mathematically bound digits. They allow you to store and exchange the cryptocurrency.


The storage is made up of two digits which depend on each other:


  1. Public key. This is a unique code, which can be used for payments. This is something like the digits on a credit card, but are longer and include letters. This code is famous for its transparence.


  1. Private key. This is a coded sequence of letters and digits and is used for one’s original signature in terms of transactions.


Cryptocurrency wallets are divided into two types:


«Hot cryptocurrency wallets»

These online wallets are always connected to the Internet. The money here is always to do as people please. Such wallets can be on separate sites (browser-wallets), be like the software installed on a PC (desktop), a phone or a tablet app.


«Cold crypto wallet»

These are offline wallets, or «cold», if you like, which are not connected to the Internet. They are set up on a PC without the net on a special piece of hardware.

«This way of storing currency is called hardware; very often the type of  equipment, which is like a hardware storage unit, is used». One can transfer their money to the «cold» wallet when they enter their address in the blockchain. However, if one wants to take down the money, they can do it only if the storage unit is connected to a PC (at this point, it alsogathers information about any new updates on the budget).


If the crypto wallet goes with a private key that gives access to the money, it should be stored in the «cold», or, for old times’ sake, in a hardcopy or in a QR-code.


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Enjoy the usage of cryptocurrency formaking payments.

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