Restricted Products

The list of Restricted Items
  1. Precious and rare-earth metals, gemstones or scrap materials containing precious and rare-earth metals and gemstones.
  2. Weapons and ammunition, military equipment, spare parts and components, explosives, gunpowder, any type of rocket fuel and other hazardous materials, special equipment of any military organization.
  3. Rocket complexes, military communication and command systems, instructions, production and maintenance.
  4. Chemical warfare agents, instructions, production and maintenance.
  5. Radioactive agents and isotopes, uranium and other materials containing it.
  6. X-Ray equipment and equipment containing radioactive materials and isotopes.
  7. Findings of scientific researches, projects and fundamental exploratory studies on constructing weapons and military equipment.
  8. Ciphering equipment.
  9. Poisons, narcotic and psychoactive drugs.
  10. Ethanol, alcohol and alcohol-related products.
  11. Radioactive waste products.
  12. Explosive waste
  13. Pharmaceutical products (including therapy clothing, health food, etc.); herbs; BADS (including several types of bodybuilding anddietary supplements (green coffee, Reishi mushrooms, phytotea, etc.); vitamins; medical equipment; contact lenses and care solutions; botox and filling materials.
  14. Medical services (including massage).
  15. Drug raw materials from stags (velvet antlers and endocrine materials).
  16. Products violating intellectual property rights (including patents, trademarks, copyright, etc.).
  17. Counterfeit products or stealings.
  18. Sexual activity or content, sexual wellness items.
  19. State awards.
  20. Counterfeit
  21. Radio-electronic equipment and special technical devices intended for the private transmission of information.
  22. Foreignexchangesandother values, coinsandbanknotes, which are currently in circulation (except for selling and buyingthose for numismatic purposes).
  23. National Identity Documents, laissez-passers, allowances, travel documents, licences, registration certificates and any documents providing rights or exempting individuals from obligations, except outdated documents for collection purposes
  24. Term papers,graduate theses, dissertations, etc.
  25. Databases, including those containing personal data, which can contribute to blackmailing.
  26. Securities (stock and shares, etc.), except for outdated documents for collecting purposes.
  27. Materials and services, aiming at disclosure of information about individual's private life, trench on their honour, dignity and reputation (including those containing national security information, bank or commercial secrets).
  28. Materials and data that haven’t been recorded on any device and can only be transferred digitally (ideas, methods, principles, etc.).
  29. Tobacco and tobacco-related products (except ashtrays and lighters), electronic cigarettes and related products (regardless of whether they contain nicotine), tobacco pipes, hookahs, cigarette papers and wraps.
  30. Any weapon, including hunting (hunting knives), air, civilian and other weapons and components, airsoft guns, replicas of firearms, toy, imitation, or "look-alike" firearms, knives (except kitchen-knives, penknives and letter openers).
  31. Human body parts, remains and bodily fluids and donation of those.
  32. Extremist materials; products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.
  33. All the species that are listed in the Red Book of the country; animals and plants protected by international instruments; items that promote violent abuse of animals.
  34. Nazi symbols and
  35. Skin or products, including skin, fur and/or feathers from federally endangered or threatened species.
  36. Cultural and archeological heritage sites.
  37. Products used for gambling and lottery, tickets, slot machines.
  38. Finance services (including insurance), financial intermediation.
  39. Illegal items and items that promote illegal activity, including counterfeit or stolen items, such as: license plate flipper flips, etc. Lock picking or locksmithing devices, such as: master keys or skeleton keys, neodymium magnets, etc.
  40. Vehicle paperwork, number plates.
  41. Fishing-nets and components, electric rods, traps.
  42. Non-existent products and services.
  43. Transcendent services (witchcraft, non-traditional medicine, etc.).
  44. Items proposing replacement of the software (including firmware, unlock, jailbreak, etc.).
  45. Surrogate mother service, donation of organs and liquids.
  46. Goods and services without property rights.
  47. Propaganda materials, ballot papers, products and services than can influence any election.
  48. Military services on another states' territory.
  49. Contact information and other sources of communication: phone numbers, SIM-cards, e-mail addresses, data accounts in messengers, social networking sites, blogs and forums, instant messaging systems (ICQ, Skype, etc.), games and other resources and services (including Steam, iTunes, Google Play, etc.).
  50. Exchange markets, such as Forex (including equipment, consultations, guides, investments, special automatic programs, such as bots, etc.).
  51. Other products and services restricted or limited according to the user's jurisdiction.