How can I send a message?

1) Open an item, find the tab that contains the seller’s contact information and click “Message”.

2) A chat window will open. Write a message and click «Send» .

To send messages you need to sign in to your account first.

How can I know I received a message?

Alphateca offers several automated email notifications to keep you updated on your account activity. When you receive a message we’ll send you an email notification: To receive email notifications every time you get a message, activate them in your settings. If you’re logged in, the notification will appear in the upper right corner.

How do I view my messages?

Click «Messages” in your Profile Page:

The messages are grouped as conversations on each item with each seller or customer.

To rearrange the messages, use filters:

-My messages (chats, notifications, Support Service)



How do I block messages from a user?

Open the conversation and click «Block»

You can view all blocked conversations in your “Blacklist”.