Editing your item

How to place an item?

We recommend that you readPolicies before submitting an item. To place an item, you need to create an account.

(Already have one? Sign in!)

1. Click “Add item”;

2. Select the method of selling;

Buy Now or Auction;

3. Select the category and subcategory;

4. Enter the title for your item and click“Continue”;

5. Put thedescription of your item or service. You need to fill all important fields: price, images, location, details, etc.

6. Choose the type of publishing: paid or free;

7. Click "Submit".

Your item will be checkedwithin 30 minutes and then placed on Alphateca.com.

How to select a category?

You won't be able to change the category after your itemis placed, except the case when it was declined due to selecting the incorrect category. Check out the list of categories and select the most relevant.

If you doubt, try to find a similar item on Alphateca.com and look to which category it belongs:

• Start typing the name of the item or service in the search bar, a tip will appear;

• Find equivalent items on Alphateca.com and select the same category.

Which location to select?

Indicate the item location.

Please, note that the location can’t be changed after your item is placed on the website. If you can’t find the required city in the list, select the nearest settlement.

If your items can be delivered to other cities, point it out in the description.

You can place the same item for different cities only in the categories “Services”, “Business for sale”, “Jobs” and in the subcategories “Watercraft”, “Motorcycles”, “Trucks”.

How to name an item?

The title should only contain the name of the item (or service) and its model (the important details may also be included).

The title shouldn't include the price, any links or contact information. For example, an item titled "Smartphone used" will be accepted while "Smartphone used, 20000 rubles", "Smartphone used SELLING RIGHT NOW", "Smartphone used, cheap", "Smartphone used, call XXXXXX", "Smartphone used on site.com" items will be declined or blocked.

How to make the description?

Describe the item you're selling and provide complete and accurate details. Don't add keywords or contact information (any links, phone numbers, Skype, etc.) to the description. Otherwise your item will be declined or blocked.

How to put the price?

• the price must be integer. Don't use commas, dots, spaces and other symbols. If you put "500.00" it will be displayed as "50000";

• the price must be exact. If you sell a car at a price 200 BTC, don't put "290$", "1$", "1000000$";

• if you sell real estate, set the exact price of the object, not the price for the square meter. Please, note that if it says "n/a" in the category "Services" or "n/a" in the category "Jobs", it means that the author didn't put any price to his item.

How to add images?

You may add images whilecreating or editing your item. For this you need to click on the image of a camera near the "Images" bar and upload images from your PC in any order.

When the images are uploaded you can change the order, rotation or delete them. Then click “Continue”. The format of the image should be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif, the image can't be larger than 5MB. You can add up to 5 images to one item (in the category "Transport" – up to 10 images, "Housing" – up to 20 images, "Jobs" – only one logo). How to rotate an image? You can rotate the image whilecreating or editing your item. Click on the "arrow" button in the upper left corner of the uploaded image.

Every time you press the button the image will rotate 90° to the right. I can’t upload images. The possible reasons why your images can't be uploaded:

• the image is larger than 5MB;

• the image is not .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif;

• the browser you’re using requires an update;

• you have slow internet connection. You can convert your image to a different format or change its size using any converter.

How to add videos?

You can add a link on YouTube video while creating or editing your item:

1. Open the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/

2. Click on “Share” under the video and copy the link

3. Paste the link in the field “Video from YouTube”.

One item can contain only 1 video.

What service bundle to choose?

To place a free item without using marketed services select the "Basic" bundle.

We recommend to select «Optimal» or «Rapid» service bundles so that your item gets more views and you will sell it faster.

Why I can not resubmit my item?

Resubmitting of the item makes it harder to search for offers and decreases the sales velocity. For one offer use only one item per 30 days. A new item with the same content submitted at the same time will be blocked

How long will my item stay available?

30 days. It can be prolonged with the help of the services of promotion. Including periods of blocking, declining and being cancelled by the user.

Exception: the items in the category “CVs” are not limited in time.

What does it mean when my item is marked as "unavailable"?

Your item will not be displayed on the website, but in your account it will be moved to the section "Completed". If the item is relevant, activate it.

How many items can I place?

The amount of items being kept in your account is unlimited. However, there can only be up to 5000 items in the section “Active”, including free and paid items.

How do I edit my item?

1. Sign in using your e-mail and password;

2. Find an item you want to edit and press “Edit”;

3. Make any changes you’d like;

4. Select the type of service bundle and click “Continue”.

Please, note that you can edit any item, except the blocked ones. To edit the item that has been deleted, restore it.

Is editing free?

Yes, it is free. Besides, the promoting settings that have been paid will continue working after your item is edited. Except the cases when youri tem was declined for the incorrect category.

How do I change my/company name?

1. Open the settings.

2. Find the section “Contact information”.

3. Make any changes you'd like. 4. Click “Save”.

The name will be changed in all items of yours.

Why the changes are not saved after editing?

Please, check the following settings:

1. Make sure all the important fields and settings are completed. They will be highlighted in red if filled incorrectly.

2. Edit the item using only one tab of the browser.

Editing the same item in different tabs at the same time can lead to an error while trying to save the changes. If the issue persists, please try again at a later time or follow the next steps:

1. Delete your browsercache and cookies.

2. Switch off all the extensions in your browser. A browser extension (addon, plug-in) is a programm that extends the functionality of a web browser. Some browsers have special extensions that include blocking multiple elements and technologies which are necessary to enable the browser to operate correctly.

Check whether you have any of these extensions installed and switch them off if necessary:

• NoScript;

• Adblock (Adblock Plus);

• Ghostery.

If the extensions are switched off, but the problem remains unsolved, we recommend to switch off all the plug-ins installed in your browser.

The instructions how to switch off the extensions in browsers Google Chrome Yandex Browser Safari Opera Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer

3. Update your browser. Make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser or update it if necessary.

How to check if your browser requires an update?

4. Try to repeat your actions using another browser.

5. If the measures above didn't help you to solve the problem, contact the support service: describe the problem and add a screenshot of your technical information.