Technical FAQ

What are cookies files?

Cookie files (cookie) – is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer’s HDD by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.

What Are Cookies for?

Cookies are used to ensure an efficient and secure websites operation and provide the best experience for the users. The data obtained via cookie files that prevents a user’s identification can be applied in marketing.

Types of Cookies We Use

A session cookie exists only in temporary memory while the user navigates the website. Web browsers normally delete session cookies when the user closes the browser.

Basic cookies – are cookie files bound with the basic domain.

Third-party cookies – are cookies from another domain.

Managing cookies You can delete cookie files on your device.

How do I delete them?

You can also disable cookies on your device by changing the browser settings. Google Analytics We use the Google Analytics service of Google Inc. ("Service") which allows to collect and analyze the statistics of visited sites and gives the details on the behavior of visitors. This helps us have better understanding of the needs and interests of visitors and, based on this information, improve.

The data received by way of the Service do not allow specific user identification.

Principles of Security and Privacy of the Service You can disable data collection via the Google Analytics Blocker.

How Does One Delete Cookies from Their Browser?

Pay attention: after deleting cookies, you will be automatically logged out of accounts on most sites.

Google Chrome

Go to Menu → History and click Clear History. In the pop-up window select "All-time" period and tick "Cookies and other site data". Select Clear History.


In the browser menu select Safari → Settings. Go to "Privacy" and select "Manage website data ...". Select "Delete All”.

Mozilla Firefox

Go to Settings → Log. Select "Delete history". Select "Delete - All". In "Details" tick "Cookies". Click "Delete now".


Go to Settings → Advanced → Clear history. In "Delete the following items" select "All time" and tick for "cookies and other site and module data". Click "Clear history".


Go to Opera → History and select Clear History. In "Delete the specified items for the next period" specify "from the very beginning" and tick "Cookies and other site data". Select "Clear browsing history". Internet Explorer Go to Tools → Browser Properties → General. In "Browser Journal" click "Delete". In the next window tick"Cookies and Website data", select "Delete".

Microsoft Edge

Go to Settings. In "Clear Browsing Data" click "Select what you want to clear". In the pop-up window tick "Cookies and saved websites data", select "Clear".

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