Invalid Webpages Display

How Do I Clear My Browser Cache?

Google Chrome

Go to Menu → History and click Clear History. In that window tick "Images and other cash files”. Select Clear History.

Safari In the menu select Safari → Settings → Add-ons. Enable "Show “Developer”. Then, from the menu, select Developer → Clear cache. Mozilla Firefox Go to Settings → Log. Select "Delete history". Select "Delete - All". In "Details", select "Cache". Click "Delete now".

Yandex browser

Go to Settings → Advanced → Clear history. In "Delete the following items"select "All time" and tick for "Files stored in cache". Click "Clear history".


Go to the Opera → History, and click Clear History. In "Delete the specified items for the next period”, note "from the very beginning" and select "Cached images and files". Click “Clear browsing history".

Internet Explorer

Go to Tools → Browser Properties → General. In "Browser Journal", click "Delete". In the pop-up window select "Temporary Internet Files and Websites" and click "Delete".

Microsoft Edge

Go to Settings. In "Clear Browser Data"click "Choose what you want to clear". In the next window tick for "Cached data and files” and select "Clear".

Did That Help?

Webpage is displayed incorrectly

In case:

-the webpage is displayed incorrectly;

- page does not load; - pages take too long to load;

- photos do not open; - no buttons are operational;

- website access issues;

-other technical issues, try the following:

1. Delete cache and cookies in your browser.

2. Disable browser extensions. A browser extension (add-on, plug-in, add-on) is a program that complements the browser capabilities. An extension sometimes might include an option of blocking various elements necessary for the correct operation of the website.

Make sure if the following is installed in the browser and disable, if necessary:


-Adblock (Adblock Plus);


If the extensions are disabled, and you continue to have this issue, we advise that you try to disable all plug-ins. After this has been done, reload them and figure out which one is causing the issue.

Instructions on how to disable extensions in the browser:

Google Chrome

(IT specialist link:


(IT specialist link:


(IT specialist link:


(IT specialist link:

Mozilla Firefox

(IT specialist link:

Internet Explorer

(IT specialist link:

3. Update your browser. Check the installed version of the browser and update it to the latest, if necessary.

How Do I Find the Version of My Browser?

4. Try the same again in another browser.

5. If the above did not help to solve the issue, contact the support team: give a detailed description of the issue, attach screenshots which also include the technical information about the issue.

What Should I Do If Messages Do Not Load?

Check your browser for updates and install the latest version, if needed.

If your messages still do not load, repeat the same in other browsers. Here are the links to the most popular ones:

Chrome browser (

Yandex.Browser (

Opera browser (

Mozilla Firefox browser (

Safari Browser (

My Captcha Typing Is Incorrect, I keep seeing

In case you typed incorrectly, try again. Take notice, you can see numbers and letters of the Cyrillic alphabet only. The letters’ case does not matter. If the letters are unreadable, click "Show Another", and you will see another picture. Perhaps, you will be able to read from this one. Moreover, try refreshing the page by pressing Ctrl + F5 (both keys simultaneously). In case this does not work, repeat the procedure in another browser. Most likely, your browser version is too old, or some of its functions are disabled.